akia the brewery, our thoughts and short history

akia brewing philosophy is to brew beer that we want to drink ourselves.

One great and fantastic thing about brew beers is that there are so many elements in the knowledge about the making of beer! so you can always learn more, you can never say that you know everything about the brewing process. Different varieties of hops, yeast and malts. new and different methods and brewing techniques. We always want to improve and getting better in what we do.

akia is an independently owned and operated craft brewery located in Kungsbacka south of Gothenburg, Sweden. We produce a wide range of beers from pilsners to a hoppy IPA and hazy NEIPA. But we also brew barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours.

We was established 2015.

We are proud of what we do, and we never want to sacrifice quality and taste for the costs of a batch of beer. We love travel an meet new friends and breweries. We think all kind of collaboration is fun and educational.



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